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SAT Boot Camp (Online)

SAT Boot Camp (Online)


During this intensive four-week course in July, students will learn everything they need to succeed in the SATs, a highly popular college entrance exam used  in University applications in Italy, US, Europe, Canada, and more.

Deep dive into the SAT with 150 hours of lessons and 3 mock exams, delivered by Ivy League and other top university graduates of Valdo Academics. Unlike other traditional SAT camps, students will also enjoy the H-FARM touch, with 24 hours of inspiring talks from perfect SAT scorers. Residential life will be fun and full of skill-building activities, every evening plus a trip to Venice and the Dolomites during the weekends.The  SAT Camp will be the perfect opportunity to learn, be inspired, and enjoy.

Period: July 4th  - July 29th


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